be a hero to your client

  • your client's house has sold
  • your client has equity tied up in the Sold house
  • your client needs the equity to buy another house
"I have worked with The Funding Network many times over the past few years, and they have never failed me - even arranging emergency bridge financing for clients who were sitting in the lawyer's office when they found out about a delay getting the equity from their sale.  Darlene and the team put the deal together and had everything to the lawyer so fast that the clients didn't even make it to the elevator before he was able to call them back in...  "

Terry Couch
Calgary Mortgage Corp.

interim/bridge financing

the problem

  • the sale won't close for a while, and
  • your client needs cash NOW for:
    • a deposit on the new house, or
    • cash to close on the new house BUT
  • the equity won't be available soon enough

the solution

  • we fund cash immediately
  • YOU saved the deal


  • residential only
  • all conditions on the sale have been met
  • for CANADIANS only